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Minack Theatre from the sea. Picture by Lynn BattenThe Minack open air theatre and restaurant. Performances at the theatre run from May until September. The back drop for the stage is 'The Atlantic' ocean. A unique theatre and one not to be missed.

Minack Theatre. Picture Lynn BattenThe Minack Theatre is best visited for the evening performances. Take our advice and take plenty of warm clothes and blankets. After a sunbathing on the beach, it can feel very cold sat outside at the theatre!

Tiered seating at The MinackLooking down the tiered seating towards the stage at The Minack.

Heather B at seaNot much fishing going on in the boat today. Heather B enjoying the views of the rocks near to the 'Logan Rock'

PenbertH Cove - all the boats are at sea.Penberth Cove. Time stands 'still' in Penberth. A jewel in the Lands End Peninsular crown.

Thatched CottageThatched cottage on the lane down to Penberth Cove

 Penverth Cove from the sea. Picture - Lynn BattenLooking towards Penberth Cove from the sea. There is a small beach at the cove during low water but a relaxing day can still be spent sat on the side of the slip, or on the rocks.

Penberth Boats.'Penver', 'Penny Lynn' and 'Hicca' all ready to go to sea and catch the Mackerel on the evening tide.

Penberth winchThe old capstan wheel at Penberth. The wheel was used to manually pull the fishing boats up the slip when they came back from sea. The fishermen now have the luxury of an electric winch to make life easy.

Penberth slipThe 'fleet' is back from sea and on the slip at Penberth.

Richard MathewsIf you visit Penberth Cove you will probably meet Richard 'Taffy' Matthews. Here Richard is preparing some of his fresh caught Makerel fillets for the afternoon BBQ.

Newlyn HarbourNewlyn Harbour. A busy harbour and fish market. Plenty of fresh fish and shell fish are available for purchase in Newlyn. While you are in Newlyn look out for 'Jelberts' ice cream shop. 'Heaven in a tub' !

Sunset in PenberthA red sky at night, farmers delight. A red sky in the morning, farmers warning. (So they say)Plenty of spectacular sunsets can be seen at 'Lands End'

'Old Man'. Picture - Lynn BattenNot quite sure what the locals call this rock formation. We call it the 'Old Mans Head'. This picture was taken from sea.

Logan Rock.Looking East above Pednvounder  towards the 'Logan Rock' and the headland.

Coast path towards looking PorthcurnoThe coast path walking from Treen towards Porthcurno and The Minack Theatre.

Coastal Path towards Logan RockCoastal path looking towards the 'Logan Rock' in the distance.

Closer to 'The Logan Rock' and Pedny beach.