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'The Quarries' is a well presented large, three bedroom bugalow.

Lounge balcony viewThe two windows to the right hand side on the front elevation are the kitchen, with the lounge being on the left hand side. The balcony is accessed from the lounge double patio doors.

Main entrance patio doorsThe main entrance doors are accessed from the entrance steps. The steps are wide, but are not really suitable for disabled access.

The front entrance with a Fatsia Japonica plant adjacent to the front steps

Bedroom elevationThe three bedrooms along with the second bathroom are located in the south wing of the property.

Parking on driveThere is private parking on the drive for 2/3 cars.

Front garden areaMature tropical gardens to the front of the bedrooms catch the afternoon and evening sunshine.

Fatsia JaponicaThe balcony looking through one of the Fatsia Japoni(Japanese Aralia) plants.